Knitting: An Analogy

On the train at the crack of bloody dawn on the way to Oxford this morning, I was working on my knitting. I dropped a couple of stitches. Okay, bit of a pain – had to unpick the whole row and fiddle around to get it back on track, but if I hadn’t the piece would have ended up with a big run in it, and I’d probably have had to scrap the whole thing.

What the heck does this have to do with polyamory or relationships? I hear you ask.

Well, people always talk about getting good at being poly, or good at doing relationships. It occurred to me that relationship issues are rather like dropped stitches. They’re always going to happen occasionally, no matter how experienced you are – the trick isn’t to get so good that they never happen at all, but to get to the point where you know how to pick things up, pull them back into shape, and carry on. They’ll require some unpicking and tinkering to work out, but it’s worth it because if you ignore them, you’ll suddenly find there’s a big hole in the middle of your relationship. It’s worth the tinkering to keep the beautiful thing you’ve been working on intact.

And that is my random analogy of the day. This is the kind of place my brain goes when it’s before 8am and I’m on my 4th cup of coffee….

3 thoughts on “Knitting: An Analogy

  1. Kerran says:

    It’s a good analogy, it could probably be expanded to life in general. One of the hardest skills people have to learn (in my experience) is to take a situation that’s gone wrong and say “What can I do to fix this” instead of getting pissed off and stressed about it.

    Also, that’s far more intellectual then anything my brain comes up with at that point in the morning.:-)

  2. Pablo says:

    The trick is not to never fall, but to rise when you do.

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