Poly Joy!

This weekend was full of Happy Poly Moments for me. Really, it was an entire Happy Poly Weekend. I spent the weekend in Oxford (and in Shrewsbury a bit, too) with my beloved Nomad, his primary partner, and his other girlfriend and her best friend, who were visiting from Michigan.

Anyway, I had an absolutely lovely time, and enjoyed many joyous moments of compersion, as well as feeling completely safe to be as free with my affection with Nomad as I usually am. Simply realising I wasn’t holding back and being scared of blow-ups with every kiss, touch or bit of flirtation was unbelievably awesome. Similarly, watching my Love being happy with his visiting partner was absolutely lovely too. Even seemingly little things, like Nomad’s sweetie telling me she was glad I joined them for Sunday’s daytrip, meant so much to me. The sheer Lack Of Drama…. it was wonderful!

So that was my Happy Poly Weekend. I love love love moments like this!

Please share your own happy poly moments or experiences in the comments! Post as many as you like, however big or small! Let’s get a big collection of poly joy all in one place!

4 thoughts on “Poly Joy!

  1. shaunphilly says:

    4 (out of 5) of us went to the Reason Rally this weekend! It was the first trip spent together, and despite some imperfect weather, we had a great time.

    And it’s true, I do love being poly: http://polyskeptic.com/2012/02/27/how-much-i-love-polyamory/

    There’s some more poly joy for you.

  2. Candi says:

    I had a small happy poly moment last night with my husband and boyfriend. The three of us being able to hang out, watch tv, and playfully banter back and forth, with no drama, no akwardness or restraint, was so wonderful.

    Moments like these make my heart light and my soul warm!

  3. naithpayton says:

    Had a lovely one a month or so ago. My boyfriend and I had a mutual partner over, and the two of them were cuddling in the kitchen looking adorable. I went out to the shop to buy some ice cream or something,and they promised to make some tea while I was gone. But when I got back they were in exactly the same position and go “Sorry! We forgot to make tea! We were too busy cuddling.”

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